My Health, My School Survey

Welcome to the parents section of the My Health, My School survey. You may be visiting this website as your child has been asked to complete the My Health, My School survey in his or her school as a whole class task and you are wanting to find out more information.

You can navigate through the website and find out more about the survey on the About Us page, as well as Meet the Team.


1. Why is my child completing the My Health, My School Survey?

The My Health, My School Survey provides a platform to allow children and young people the opportunity to express their opinions and provide their experiences on their health and wellbeing in an anonymous way and in a comfortable school setting. The survey gathers information which can then be used by the school, cluster and city wide initiatives to inform tailored interventions to improve specific areas that have been identified as a concern. Future surveys can then be used to review the progress of this and to see if the issue has improved. Sustainability methods can then be put into place to ensure the change and improvement continues, or if further changes need to be made.

2. Does my child have to take part in this Survey?

Completion of the survey is not compulsary, however we do encourage every child to take part in the survey in order to gather complete and relevant data for each child in the class, and for important data to not be missed. We really appreciate all the support we receive from schools and parents regarding this, and would further appreciate any additional promotion and recommendation of the survey for your child and others to see the importance of taking part.

3. How can I support my child to complete this survey?

You can express to your child how important the survey is to complete so that their school and local authority can tailor their support, help and interventions to improve areas of concern and to highlight areas that your child themselves may want to help to improve as part of a pupil/student leadership programme. We would encourage you to support your child in their involvement. You can also assist them in completing their Pupil Diary.

4. Is the survey anonymous?

Yes, the survey is completely anonymous and no identifiable information is collected.

5. What questions will be asked?

The questions that your child will be asked will be tailored to their age group, to prevent inappropriate questions being asked to students that should not be asked about certain topics. The questions include topics around healthy eating, physical activity, Social, Emotional & Mental Health (SEMH) and Personal, Social, Health & Economic education (PSHE).

6. How long will it take my child to complete the survey?

It generally takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete the survey, although many pupils do complete it earlier than this.

7. Please can I see an example of what the survey looks like, that my child will see?