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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the My Health, My School Survey?

The My Health, My School Survey is a pupil perception survey which asks children and young people (C&YP) a range of questions on numerous topics including healthy eating, physical activity, PSHE and SEMH. This survey gathers important and representative data on the health and wellbeing of our C&YP on an individual school, city wide and national level. This data can then be compared to highlight certatin priorities to inform action plans to improve a particular area of concern through aims, pupil participation/leadership, and regular reviews. The survey works best when it is done year on year to allow for continued comparisons and to review areas of concern and areas which have improved over time.

Feel free to reference your individual data to show your progress!

2. How much does the survey cost?

The My Health, My School Survey is free to Leeds schools due to funding. It costs £250 annually to all schools outside of Leeds.

3. What year groups can complete the survey?

The My Health, My School survey is available to children and young people (C&YP) in years 5, 6, 7, 9 & 11 and we also have a Post 16 survey and a SILC survey available soon. This ensures we have a large and valid sample of the voice of our young people in the UK and internationally.

4. Which settings can complete the survey?

Any school or educational facility e.g. SILC, PRU with pupils students from the following years:

5, 6, 7, 9 & 11 and Post 16

can complete the survey. Once registered each schools access will be approved by our central team.

5. We have a sixth form college attached to our secondary school, can these students complete the survey?

Yes, we have a Post 16 survey available. Please select Post 16 on registration to gain access to this survey and be sent the log on details.

6. We are a school outside of Leeds, can I look at the questions before I purchase the survey?

Unfortunately, we are uanble to provide any school with a 'taster' of the My Health, My School Survey questions before they commit to payment. This is due to the copyright which protects the hard work and diligence that has gone into continually improving the survey questions and format over the last 12 years. We have worked in collaboration with Universities, other sectors of the council, as well as third sector organisations and the Catholic and Anglican diocese in Leeds to ensure that the survey is fit for purpose and appropriate to the pupils and students that complete the survey and the staff that will use the data to inform school improvement action plans. In order for your school to gain access to the survey and its questions, you will need to provide a valid purchase order number on your registration form.

7. Are religious/faith schools able to complete this survey?

Yes, this survey has been approved for use by the Anglican and Catholic diocese in Leeds. We also have a default setting where any less than 8 responses are hidden and can't be reviewed, therefore all responses are anonymous and unable to be traced. If you have any further reservations, please contact your Local Authority dicoese.

8. When should our pupils/students complete the survey?

The My Health, My School survey should be completed as early in the year as possible, however we would always encourage you to submit your responses when the time is right for you e.g. after your action planning intervention has completed. For year 6 and year 11, we would encourage you to submit these responses at the start of the academic year to avoid any interruption to their final exams.

Please inform us when you plan to submit so we can keep a record of this.

9. How do pupils/students prepare for the survey?

There is a PowerPoint presentation available on our website which guides the class through the survey. There is also a word document with screenshots available to guide you and students through the survey.

In addition, there is also a Pupil Diary which should be given to respondants a week before they complete the survey, in order for them to work out their answers to a few of the questions. This will make it quicker and more easily understood on the day.

10. What support do pupils/students get during the survey?

During the survey, there is always an image which says that the pupil/student should talk to someone if they feel the need. Also, all pupils/students should be supervised at all times in the classroom by a teacher who should be on hand to answer any queries.

There is also a hover facility, where certain words are defined by hovering over them.

11. What questions are asked in the survey?

The survey asks questions around the four themes of PSHE, SEMH, Healthy Eating and Physical Activity. The survey may ask questions around food provision in schools, behaviour, happiness, anxiety or bullying. We are unable to provide any further details on specific questions due to copyright.

12. Is the survey anonymous?

Yes, the survey is completely anonymous.

13. How long will the survey take to complete?

The survey takes on average 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete, please allocate a full hour.

We would advise you to keep encouraging the pupils/students to complete the survey quickly without rushing. You can also keep reminding them how much time they have left at various points during this hour, to keep them on time and not spend too long on one question whilst still providing them with any support that they might need. Please also mention that if they are unsure of a word and it is underlined on the survey, hovering over this word will provide a definition. 

14. What can I do with the data from the survey?

You can analyse the survey data for each year that you have completed, or you can analyse a year/year group that you are particularly interested in and highlight pertinent issues or concerns, as well as areas you believe your school is doing well in. This can then be compared to your local authority average, and from 2018/19, to national data to assess where your school fits within these.

If you choose an area or several areas to action plan to improve, you can use our action plan resource to help you. We would also encourage you to involve pupils/students as much as possible in the analysis and also in student leadership roles. Once you have completed your period of intervention, and conducted a review using the next year's My Health, My School Survey data and potentially your own research, you may decide to continue or to change your focus. At this point, you can choose to write a case study to share good practice for other schools to benefit.

16. How can I gain access to our schools previous data?

To view your previous years data, please click on 'Reports' and download your zip file which contains all your previous years data reports.

17. Will I be able to compare my school’s data with other schools?

You are not able to access other schools results for confidentiality reasons. However, you can compare your individual schools results to the results from the city-wide data.

18. Will I be able to compare my school's data with my cluster's average data?

Yes, you can access your clusters data. Simply download your clusters data PDF from the list of downloads on our website under 'analysis'.

19. How long is the data valid for?

Each year group is valid for that year only to be counted as current until the following years survey has been completed, and each year's data set can be compared to each of the previous years data to assess change.

20. I have forgotten my password, what shall I do?

If you have forgotten your admin password, please click to request a new one using the following link:


21. How do I change the admin password?

You can change the school admin password by clicking on the 'Update Details' button on the top right of this page, typing a new password and password confirmation, and pressing 'Update School'.

22. How do I change the pupil/student password?

To change a password for pupils/students, you can do this for each individual year group by clicking on 'Surveys' above and change password. Repeat for each year group password you would like to change.

23. Do responses have to be submitted in one sitting or can they be saved and continued at a later date?

All responses have to be completed and submitted in one sitting. This is because no specific and individual log ins are available due to confidentiality and anonymity rules and as a result, no student would ever be able to return to a previously completed point.

Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update: Whilst the My Health, My School survey 2019-20 is still live until the end of July, please be mindful that the survey was not designed to be used remotely. The survey is best completed in school, using the relevant online resources, to ensure that any safeguarding issues arising, either at point of input or through data analysis, can be resolved swiftly, and that the risk of completing a survey of this nature is managed appropriately. Your adherence to these protocols through completing the survey in school will ensure the data collected is as robust and as accurate as possible, and that adequate provision is made for pupils needs.

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